Conspiracy Detectives

Rex Bear and Penelope Jean Hayes 

uncover hidden truths of societal, humanitarian, environmental, and historical importance.

Many people dream to live in their worlds;

not many do.



Extreme information hunter Rex Bear and viralenology researcher Penelope Jean Hayes bring a fun contrast of approaches with a shared mission to expose hidden truths of global importance.

Throughout the world, there are groups, governments, industries, and large corporations conspiring to hide truths from the public. Yet, today’s conspiracy investigation isn’t reserved for the Roswell Incident or JFK Assassination—

In Conspiracy Detectives two hidden truth seekers bring a fun contrast of approaches as they explore alternative theories, missing peoples, pollution juggernauts, systemic coverups, and little-known places and historical events as they dispel or verify witness reports and tips. With a mission to awaken the truth, this deep-thought adventure reveals a variety of timely new mysteries plus some longstanding historical curiosities.

But...Rex and Penelope aren't alone; they have a team including fellow conspiracy detectives Scott Wolter (Host of TV's America Unearthed) and Janet Wolter (intuitive advisor), and Jerry Wills (famed ancient mystery hunter) and Kathy Wills (world-class historical researcher), plus a top secret source within the Department of Defense, and others.

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Do you have hidden information you'd like to share? Do you have an idea about a conspiracy that you think we should investigate?

Criteria for consideration for a Conspiracy Detectives investigation: A "conspiracy" is not a hoax; a conspiracy is anything that a group hides or attempts to hide from public knowledge in a coordinated way. While we do investigate ancient mysteries, Conspiracy Detectives do not investigate issues that do not have some relevance to people today. We investigate conspiracies in these categories: environmental hazards and undisclosed ongoing pollution by corporations, ancient mysteries and lost civilizations of present day importance, wildlife poaching and animals in crisis, government coverups, and more.

Please use this form to drop a tip or inquire about our show or an investigation.

Note: While we do read and consider all messages, due to the number of emails sent to Conspiracy Detectives, in most cases we are unable to personally respond.


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Conspiracy Detectives is a format show with a pattern of recognizable tentpole moments, yet with a strong docu-style element based on the hosts and their unique occupations and the worlds in which they live.

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